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Becoming a Tantrika? Let me offer you 3 traditional Tantric meditations ☯

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To help you live Tantra on a daily basis, I offer you three traditional Tantric meditations.

The ultimate goal of Tantra is to attain enlightenment. In various branches of Tantra and in many spiritual paths, enlightenment is achieved by passing through one of the three centres. In this article, I'm going to share with you some meditations that will enable you to reach these three centres. You are then free to use the one that suits you best.

Lotus Fibre Meditation:

The first centre is that of Joy, a few centimetres below your navel. The lotus fibre meditation, taken from the "Vijnana Bhaïrava Tantra", one of the oldest texts in Hindu Tantra, will enable you to reach it.

"Focus all your attention on the nerve, as delicate as a lotus fibre, in the centre of the spine and be transformed".

The idea of this meditation is to visualise a silver thread at the centre of your spine that links heaven and earth, the visible and the invisible, you and your body, you and your soul.

I also invite you to visualise this silver thread during sexual intercourse so that you can put more connection and energy into it and feel intensely your body, your partner's body and the energy circulating between you both during this moment of union.

Atisha Meditation:

This healing meditation will enable you to reach your second centre, that of Love, located at the centre of your chest.

Atisha was a Tibetan Master from the Middle Ages who left us this mediation, the effects of which you can feel immediately. It will transform your experience of Life.

Inhale, imagining that you are absorbing all the suffering of the world, all the distress of humanity, all the negativity. Direct this suffering into your second centre and breathe out, sending the world all your Love, all your Joy, all your compassion. Speaking of this second centre, Atisha said:

"Your heart has the power to accept and transform everything. All you have to do is face whatever comes your way, pleasure or suffering, with an open heart."

Try it and you'll see how true he was saying.

The Quan Yin Method:

This meditation also comes from the "Vijnana Bhaïrava Tantra" and is considered by many spiritual masters - Ching Hai and Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov in particular - to be the most powerful meditation for reaching the third centre, that of Truth, which lies between both eyebrows.

"Focusing on the point between the eyebrows, let the spirit be before the thought. Let the essence of the breath fill the form and rise to the head to pour out like a rain of light. "

Close your eyes and look between your eyebrows. Witness your thoughts and feel the Prana in your breath. Prana is the energy of Life in the air. When you feel Prana, imagine your head filling up with it. To help you, visualise a shower of light as if you were under a tree and flower petals were falling from it. This shower of "Pranic petals" will renew you completely, bringing you back to life and enabling you to find solutions to the most difficult situations.

I sincerely hope that you will take advantage of this break to try out these three traditional meditations. Don't hesitate to get back to me and share your tantric experiences with me. I'll be delighted to read you and reply.

Do these meditations seem complicated to practise on your own? Would you like to deepen your practice even more? Do you want to be more active? Do you simply want to experience moments of brotherhood, love and sharing?

Then come and join us for a Gay Tantra Retreat organised by Men’s Hearts. It's an opportunity to practise together.

Find out more by clicking here.

Yours Tantrically,


Men’s Hearts’ Animator


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