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By the way, what is Gay Tantra? 🏳‍🌈💞

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Tantra for Men, Mixed Tantra, Inclusive Tantra, Gay Tantra... It's sometimes hard to make sense of all the Tantric experiences on offer nowadays. What is so special about Gay Tantra? How does it differ from Tantra for men? What are its aims?

I'm regularly asked these questions, and perhaps you're wondering the same thing yourself. If so, this article is for you!

First of all, I'd like to clarify the various options available to you in the rich world of Tantra:

- In Mixed Tantra, you are invited to work specifically on your relationship with women.

- In inclusive Tantra, you are free to have experiences with men or women according to your desire, the moment and the proposals.

- In Tantra for Men, you will encounter your sacred masculine self. The idea is to recognise your identity as a man among your peers, so that you can better experience your relationship with women.

The objectives of Gay Tantra are quite different.

The idea behind the Gay Tantra activities is to offer gays the chance to discover Tantra in an atmosphere where they will not feel in difficulty or insecure. Many gay men would never go to a Tantra for men and/or mixed Tantra event, thus depriving themselves of the fulfilment that Tantra brings.

But taking part in a gay Tantra event can also be a step before embarking on a male or mixed Tantric experience. This was the case for me and I know how essential this step was before taking part in men's and then mixed Tantra courses.

Experiencing a gay tantric animation is an opportunity to experiment and fully deploy the masculine AND feminine energies that animate you. Unfortunately, this is rarely offered in the world of Men's Tantra and Mixed Tantra. Yet it is one of the objectives of Tantra. So Gay Tantra is really relevant whether you're gay, bi or straight.

Experiencing Tantric sex with mostly gay men is also an invitation to talk openly and without embarrassment about the issues that men who love other men face: coming out, homosexuality in society, more or less specific sexual practices. This can be an opportunity for you to discuss these issues without judgement, to find answers, to recognise yourself in the experiences of other men, and to feel reassured about your sexual identity.

Without being a community event, Men's Hearts programme is also an opportunity for you to make friendly, loving and/or sexual friends with men who are on the same path as you and who share the same goals. Because together, we're stronger, more radiant, more vibrant...

But, as you can imagine, Gay Tantra isn't just for gays, and Men’s Hearts’ regularly welcomes straight men to its events. But that's a subject for another article ;-)

I hope this article has enlightened you on all the specifics of Gay Tantra.

Are you gay? Celebrating? Join us for an animation. Find out more by clicking here.

Yours Tantrically,


Men’s Hearts’ Animator


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