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Discover Tantric self-massage 💦

tantric self-massage massage gay men techniques

During Men’s Heart’s Retreats, I heard a lot of gay men complaining about not having enough nourishing and fulfilling sex. Far from inviting you to become chaste, I'd like to use this article to offer you a simple but very powerful tool for spreading ecstasy on your own and continuing to fulfil yourself sexually using Tantra.

In Tantra, many of the practices seek to deploy our sexual energy throughout the body, so that sexuality is not reduced to a little genitalised pleasure. The idea is to become multi-orgasmic beings.

But how do we do this?

The next time you masturbate, I invite you to think of it as a special time to reconnect with yourself. In order to do so…:

- Choose your moment,

- Put yourself at ease (heating, subdued lighting, comfortable place),

- Use oil for more sensations,

- Caress your whole body and not just your sex and/or your anus,

- Observe your gestures, the reactions of your sex and your body, your fantastical thoughts.

- Be aware, gentle and slow. My tantric experiences have shown me that our body and our sex don't really want to be rushed and shaken. Respect them, respect their rhythm.

But above all, breathe, breathe, breathe... deeply, fully, slowly.

One of the secrets is also to accept the waves of excitement. The more time you take, the higher the waves will rise, allowing you to have several orgasms without ejaculating.

Finally, when you ejaculate, imagine directing the energy stored in your sex towards your Heart chakra, the energy centre in your chest. It can be helpful to visualise a beautiful green flower spinning and opening and closing to the rhythm of your breaths. You'll feel your sexual energy spreading throughout your body, which will increase your orgasm tenfold.

And if you'd like to enjoy this experience together in a safe environment, join us for a Men's Hearts Gay Tantra experience. Find out more by clicking here.

Yours Tantrically,


Men’s Hearts’ Animator


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