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How to (re)seduce your boyfriend for sure? 💓

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"How can I show him that I still love him? "

" How can we rekindle desire in our relationship? "

"How can we rekindle our sexuality by getting out of the daily grind? "

"How can I introduce my partner to Tantra? "

These are questions I regularly hear in my daily life and during Men's Hearts events.

So this week I've decided to share with you a Tantric technique that may seem simple, but which radically changes the dynamic of a couple and allows them to immerse themselves in the spirit of Tantra.

But first, let’s get ready!

I invite you to make yourself as handsome as possible (it's not Christmas at Auntie Giselle's house, but almost)! A pretty shirt, a sarouel you found on your last trip to India, a pair of boxer shorts you bought for the occasion. It doesn't take much to surprise your partner and look radiant in his or her eyes.

Decorate your bedroom too. You can find a specific theme or colour to dress up the room and make this moment unique (but avoid themes like traditional German food and fluorescent pink). Trust your creativity!

Here too, you don't need much: two or three fabrics hung on the walls (you know, the old pareos you've got in stock and never use, or that fabric you bought at the market for three pennies and now keep in the back of a cupboard), subdued lighting, a few flowers (it's the season, make the most of what Mother Nature has to offer), a few candles placed here and there, incense, the heating turned up to maximum, calm, languorous music (forget U2, you'll find some excellent music on YouTube, for example, to help you get into the right mood) and, most importantly, pretty massage sheets laid out on the bed with massage oil.

When your man arrives:

Why not leave a note in the living room inviting him to join you in the bathroom?

There, you will undress gently. Strip tease or not, it depends on each person's relationship with their body (in Tantra, nothing is compulsory, the most important thing is to feel at ease). Once he's naked, you undress him as if you were unwrapping an extremely precious gift (when I was telling you about Christmas, Auntie Gisèle spoiled you...). Then you wash him very gently, without the horsehair glove! This man needs to feel how much he means to you. Then you dry him off and blindfold him before taking him to the bedroom decorated like a Tantric temple.

Once you've arrived in this cosy, scented nest, remove the blindfold and let your partner enjoy the ambience of the room. Then invite him to make himself comfortable on the massage sheets. Then start massaging. You don't need any special technique or training. Caress his body slowly, put loving intention into it, listen carefully and let your hands roam over it as if they were discovering it for the first time.

Staying aware, savouring the slow, gentle movements, touching his private parts while trying to stay on the edge of sex for as long as possible will help you to unfold your senses, let desire simmer and then boil, and be fully attuned to each other so that you unite on every level.

Finally, see where this leads you, but keep it slow. You can be sure that in this way you will experience an intense, unforgettable moment of love, suspended in time.

Seems like I can already hear you saying to me "But it's really very simple to do"…well, who said love was complicated? ;-)

If you'd like to find out more about what Tantra can do for your relationships and your sexuality, join us for one of our events.

For more info, click here.

I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that Men’s Hearts Retreats are independent one from another. There is no particular order or level that has to be followed. The main thing is that everyone takes part in the activity that suits them.

Yours Tantrically,


Men’s Hearts’ Animator


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