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I wish you a wonderful Tantric year! 🎉

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I hope you had a wonderful end to 2023, full of warmth and brotherhood.

No article today, just the pleasure of wishing you an excellent 2024; may it enable you to relate ever better, to be permanently Joyful, to have mind-blowing Tantric experiences, to love and to vibrate.

To get this year off to an inspiring start, I'd like to share with you this wonderful text:

"The very fact of dreaming is already very important. I wish you endless dreams and the furious desire to make some of them come true. I wish you to love what you should love and forget what you should forget. I wish you passion, I wish you silence. I wish you birdsong in the morning and children's laughter. I wish you respect for the differences of others, because the merit and value of each person is often to be discovered. I wish you to resist stagnation, indifference and the negative virtues of our times. Finally, I wish you never to give up on research, adventure, life and love, because life is a magnificent adventure and no reasonable person should give it up without fighting a hard battle. Above all, I wish you to be yourself, proud to be who you are and happy, because happiness is our true destiny. "

1st January 1968

Jacques Brel

Before I leave you with these wishes, I'd like to invite you to join us at one of our Retreats. I think to start this new year in a Tantric spirit is a wonderful gift you could give to yourself. To find out more about Men’s Hearts’ Retreats, click here.

Yours Tantrically,


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