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"Men’s Hearts", a unique Tantric experience 🧡🧔

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Would you like to discover or rediscover Tantra?

Would you like to experience a unique relationship with other men?

Would you like to spread a new light on life, love and sexuality?

Men’s Hearts offers you the chance to take part in residential Gay Tantra Retreats.

Tantra has fundamentally changed the way I look at life, relationships and sexuality. I want to share this gift with you. Combining my experience, my activities as a clairvoyant therapist and masseur, and my knowledge of Tantra, I offer four-day residential Retreats. They combine massage, meditation, personal development exercises and sacred rituals.

Some Retreats also include Tantric rocking in a heated swimming-pool. If you're already familiar with Tantra, this is the perfect opportunity to deepen your experience of this age-old spiritual movement.

To find out more about the Retreats on offer (themes, dates, venues and conditions), please visit:

I look forward to seeing you soon to share this unique Tantric experience.

Yours Tantrically,


Men’s Hearts’ Animator


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