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The different colors of Tantra ❤️🖤🤍

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Did you know that there are different paths in Tantra, represented by different colours?

Today I'd like to take you on a little tour of the colours of Tantra.

- Red Tantra :

Also known as Left Hand Tantra, its practices are based on the body and sexuality. From the time of the first Tantric writings, it had a bad reputation because its practice escaped the Brahmins’order, and consequently, so did its practitioners. Red Tantra is a way of managing sexuality and desire through massage, sensual meditation and dance. It unfolds sexual potential and leads to spiritual ecstasy. This sexual Tantra takes us well beyond the simple genital organs. It helps us unfolding our senses, opening to trust, listening and surrendering. It introduces us to a new territory of sexuality, where bodies vibrate and become One, dissolving into a sacred, non-dual moment.

Its negative image today comes from the fact that when practised in a unstructured manner, it can led on to lose oneself in an endless quest for immediate physical pleasure (orgies, fantasies, etc.).

- Black Tantra :

This is the Tantra of death and of the goddess Kali, goddess of the destruction of the ego. This was the path of Saraha, one of the founders of Tantra, who celebrated Life with his wife in a cremation ground.

This Tantra was widely practised in the Buddhist path of Tantra, with its philosophy of the present moment. It can be likened to shamanic practices. Because of the taboo surrounding death in our societies, it is rarely practised today.

- White Tantra:

This is the Tantra of the right hand, a form of meditation and concentration. It pays little attention to the sexual sphere and the body. Instead, it focuses on energy and the chakras (energy centres). It is, moreover, perceived by some as the Tantra of asceticism.

One of the risks for those who only practise this Tantra is to demonise sexuality and the body, thereby repressing their sexual energy.

What colour are Men’s Hearts’ Gay Tantra Retreats?

There are several answers to this question:

- Tantra offered by Men’s Hearts is aimed at Gay men. That’s why it uses all the colours of the rainbow visible on our flag ;-) It's funny to note that these are also - and in order - the colours of our first six main chakras.

- Hence, Men’s Hearts offers to practice red, black and white Tantras. Our Gay Tantra Retreats are designed to help you discover all the facets of Tantra, and are inspired by the different paths of Tantra in order to nourish your whole being.

If you too would like to experience all the colours of Tantra, join us for one of our events. You can find out more about these events by clicking here.

You're very welcome!

Yours Tantrically,


Men’s Hearts’ Animator


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