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What are the secrets of a successful Tantric massage? đŸ€«

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Would you like to know how to give a beautiful Tantric massage?

Do you want to understand how to perform it successfully?

Do you want to know the secrets?

Then this article is for you!

First of all, you should know that there is no protocol in Tantric massage. Some people start the massage on the head, others on the back, while others directly massage the vajra (male sex). There are no good or bad methods. The most important thing is that the whole body is massaged, to allow the vital energy to unfold.

There are, however, three essential points for this type of massage.

- Intention

This is an essential element of a successful tantric massage. Your intention must come from the heart. Giving a good, gentle, tender massage, offering the other person a divine moment, allowing the person being massaged to get to know themselves and their body better are the intentions of any good Tantric massage that will allow your partner to vibrate under your fingers. Whether you're focusing on mental goals, masturbatory gestures or fantasies, you - and the person you're massaging - will be missing out on an incredible moment!

- Touching

In the various Tantric practices transmitted in the "Vijnana Bhairava Tantra" - one of the founding texts of Tantra - there is talk about touching, slowness, caresses. This is the whole spirit of Tantra, and therefore of Tantric massage. The idea is not to undo muscular knots by applying pressure. Rather, it's about awakening the senses of the person being massaged so that the sexual energy can circulate fully. Your touch must therefore be slow, subtle and gentle, to help the other person experience a moment of ecstasy. Trust your hands and the energy!

- Massage with what is

Since Tantric massage is not about technique, massage with what you are, with your creativity and sensitivity. Tantric knowledge lies in the authenticity of your being. Be particularly attentive to the man you have the honour of massaging, especially when you massage his vajra. A twitch, a look, a sigh are indications that will help you in this gift you are offering him. Ultimately, it's the relationship that massages and is massaged. This is what makes each Tantric massage different, depending on the moment and the people involved.

With a clear intention, a subtle touch and the relationship in presence as inspiration, you now have the keys you need to give an intense, vibrant and magical Tantric massage.

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Yours Tantrically,


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