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What can you expect from Men's Hearts events? 💝

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"What can you expect from a Tantra Retreat?" I'm often asked this question and it's very difficult to answer, because Tantra is experienced much more than it is said. Moreover, as this is a sacred practice, words seem very small to explain the greatness and all the benefits of such an experience. However, in this article I'm going to tell you what you can expect when you join us for a Men's Hearts event.

Expect to reconnect with your body so that you can better listen to it, understand it and respect it.

Expect to travel through different states of consciousness to experience things that are unique to you and that words can't describe.

Expect to discover your innermost, deepest, truest and most sacred self, so that you can get to know yourself better.

Expect to open up your heart as never before, so that you can blossom and experience a more harmonious way of relating to yourself, to others and to the world.

Expect to discover simple but very powerful exercises, rituals and massages that you can use in your daily life.

Expect to have a broader, more conscious and more sacred vision of relationships and sexuality, the aim of Tantra being, among other things, to link spirituality and sexuality.

Expect to spend some wonderful moments of love, joy, authenticity and solidarity with other men along the way. These bonds will last a lifetime, because this kind of experience creates a special bond that neither time nor distance can undo.

At last, expect to experience a moment outside our dual society, like "an oasis in the desert of the world", and we all need this kind of space right now to recreate links and peace.

But I think the best people to explain what you can expect at Men's Hearts Retreats are those who have already embarked on these tantric experiences. I invite you to read their testimonials.

To read some feedback from Men’s Hearts’ retreats, click here.

Finally, I believe that the best thing to do is not to have any expectations before embarking on a tantric experience, so that you can make the most of everything it has to offer.

So if you'd like to take the leap and have one of those intense, authentic experiences that will transform your life, I invite you to find out more about our events by clicking here.

Yours Tantrically,


Men’s Hearts’ Animator


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