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Gay Tantra: afraid to take the plunge? 😣 This article is for you!

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When I receive requests for information about Men’s Hearts’ Gay Tantra Retreats, many men confess to me that they are afraid to embark on a Tantric experience. That’s why in this article, I've decided to answer the questions that come up most often, to help everyone allay the fears that prevent them from immersing themselves in the magical world of Tantra.

- I don't know anything about Tantra, or spirituality in general. Is that a barrier to experiencing a Tantric moment?

No, there are no prerequisites for starting on the Tantric path. When I founded Men’s Hearts, I made the choice to welcome all men in need, without offering multi-level courses. Men’s Hearts’ Retreats are moments where beginners, men who have already had some Tantric experience and men who are fully committed to this path come together. This allows everyone to fully develop their solidarity and share their experiences. The most important thing is the group dynamic, and the leadership team adapts to this in order to support everyone as best it can. No-one is excluded. Beginners can see where such a path can take them, and the more experienced can see how far they have come by continuing on their way.

- I'm not comfortable with my body and nudity. I'm afraid of my reactions (erections, etc)?

During a Tantra Retreat, many practices are performed in the nude, but it's not a beauty contest or a performance contest. Nobody is judged on their physical appearance. On the contrary, the idea is to realise how, in the end, we are all identical and how little physical appearance matters in tantric experiences. Certain exercises lead precisely to this realisation. Moreover, to ensure that everyone feels at ease with their bodies, moments of nudity are always approached gently, slowly, respectfully and with a sacred dimension, so as to allay any fears. The idea is to return to a state of innocence in our relationship with the body. We were born naked, so this state should be experienced as something natural and spontaneous.

- Am I not too young or too old to take part in Tantra activities?

The important thing in such an experience is not your age but your commitment, your desire to live a unique and different experience between men. Participants in Men's Hearts events come in all ages. They range from 25 to 85. The aim is to allow everyone to share their experience without restriction or categorisation.

- I've experienced Retreats where sexuality wasn't spiritualised and in no way matched with the idea I had of Tantra. Are Men’s Hearts’ Retreats the same?

The aim of Men’s Hearts gatherings is not to organise hidden orgies. Everyone is respected in their integrity and sensitivity. Tantra is an invitation to take a different look at sensuality and relationships, and to question, in a light-hearted way, the issues surrounding sexuality. By signing up, all participants in Men’s Hearts’ events agree to respect the proposed framework, which the events team will monitor with great care. You can find the proposed framework for each activity by clicking here.

- Is it all about sexuality during Men’s Hearts’ events?

Tantra is often reduced to massages and sexuality, but I think it's important to discover its richness and diversity, which go far beyond a simple sex massage. That's why I'm keen to offer a wide variety of exercises for everyone to enjoy (dance, sacred rituals, individual and group mediation, traditional and neo-Tantra exercises, massages, etc.). There are also special sessions devoted to themes that specifically affect gay people and their relationship to sexuality (discovering your homosexuality, coming out, so-called gay sexual practices, etc.). The aim is always the same: to live more fully, more freely and more consciously as an individual.

On this subject, and in order to question your fears, I'd like to share with you this magnificent quote from Marianne Williamson:

"Our deepest fear is not that we don't measure up; our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our own light and not our darkness that most frightens us."

I hope you will vibrate and celebrate Life and the Joy of being together with us. You can find out all about our events by clicking here.

Yours Tantrically,


Men’s Hearts’ Animator


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