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Why do straight men come to Men's Hearts events?đŸ’Ș

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As you'll have guessed, this is a very peculiar post...

As I'm not a member of the community, it seemed obvious to me when I set up the Men's Hearts project that I wanted to help people discover Tantra from a gay angle, without creating a closed-in environment. It was clear that I didn't want to welcome only gays and bisexuals. This intention was followed by the facts, as Men’s Hearts’ team and myself have had the honour of having, from the very beginning of this incredible adventure, the confidence of a good number of heterosexuals wishing to have a Tantric experience with us. However, this immediately begs the question: why do heterosexual men want to take part in Gay Tantra activities? The reasons are varied and I'll explain them to you in this article.

Some straight men come to Men's Hearts events because, after a heterosexual love life and a sexual journey, they are questioning their choice of sexual orientation. Others decide to respond to a desire that has been calling out to them for a long time, but that until now they didn't allow themselves. Choosing the path of Tantra allows them to experience love between men in a safe environment where they won't be put at risk, and where their differences and their questions will be respected. The vision of Tantric sexuality is far from a quick booty call found on an app or in a pick-up place. It allows them to go step by step, experimentally and without taking action, towards this desire in order to better understand whether it is theirs.

For others, it can be a way of going beyond their own limits. These are men who have come to terms with male and mixed Tantra, who have moved beyond the question of gender and rely solely on the energy of the being with whom they are having a Tantric experience in the present moment. Gay Tantra simply allows them to discover new experiences and continue on their Tantric path.

Some heterosexuals, because of their background, may be afraid to confront women through mixed Tantra. Taking part in Gay Tantra activities therefore allows them, initially, to enjoy a Tantric experience by bathing in the masculine and feminine energies manifested by the group. Gays have the great good fortune to be able to deploy these two energetic polarities with ease, and in this respect many heterosexuals are the envy of us.

Still others simply wish to deploy their masculine and feminine energies in order to find a balance and be a total being. Not finding this opportunity in Tantra for Men or Mixed Tantra programmes, where their masculine energies will be much in demand, they decide to embark on the Men's Hearts experience.

Lastly, some men have always evolved in macho environments, generating homophobia in them. Fully committed to a spiritual path, they know that this prevents them from accessing unconditional love. That's why they want to embark on a healing journey by confronting their fear in a supportive, fraternal environment.

These men bring a real richness to Men’s Hearts’ experience through their presence and their particularity. They enable us to talk together about issues such as homophobia, heterophobia, the sometimes blurred boundaries of sexuality and the clichĂ©s surrounding sexual orientation. Confronting otherness, welcoming it, accepting it and integrating it into our experience of Life is the whole point of Tantra. I'm infinitely grateful to these men for their trust and for everything they bring to Men’s Hearts. I admire their will and their courage.

If you too want to go beyond yourself, experience energy and sex in a clear and caring environment, go beyond your prejudices to feel complete, join us! Find out more about our events by clicking here.

Yours Tantrically,


Men’s Hearts’ Animator


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